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Scattering CJ: The Loss Of One Becomes The Journey Of Many

The loss of one becomes the journey of many

Premiering September 2022 on PBS!

Scattering CJ festival laurels

“Scattering CJ demonstrates the power of a simple heartfelt, brave, honest act…this is a wonderfully made, powerful and important film.”

- Dr. Katherine Shear, The Center for Complicated Grief—Columbia University

“It makes me think about the importance of suicide prevention, research, advocacy and awareness. That talking about suicide in an open and honest way can make it easier to address in all families.”

- Chris Maxwell, American Association of Suicidology

“Scattering CJ is a wonderful example of how a family took their grief, and their loss and tried to do something for the greater good of this world. It's one of the most powerful movies I've seen in a long time."

- Dr. Jerry Reed, Senior Vice President, Education Development Center


For more information about the film or to host a screening in your community contact:

Andrea Kalin



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