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Scattering CJ: The Loss Of One Becomes The Journey Of Many

The loss of one becomes the journey of many

Scattering CJ festival laurels

“Scattering CJ demonstrates the power of a simple heartfelt, brave, honest act…this is a wonderfully made, powerful and important film.”

- Dr. Katherine Shear, The Center for Complicated Grief—Columbia University

"Scattering CJ is an intimate and heart-breaking tale which offers unique lessons about the power of human compassion.”


- Katka Reszke, Festival Director, ReelAbilities: Boston

“Scattering CJ is a wonderful example of how a family took their grief, and their loss and tried to do something for the greater good of this world. It's one of the most powerful movies I've seen in a long time."

- Dr. Jerry Reed, Senior Vice President, Education Development Center


For more information about the film or to host a screening in your community contact:

Andrea Kalin


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