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“Scattering CJ is a wonderful example of how a family took their grief, and their loss and tried to do something for the greater good of this world. And it’s one of the most powerful movies I’ve seen in a long time and I hope you enjoy the movie as much as I did and recognize the tremendous impact it will have on our national and international awareness to suicide.”

- Dr. Jerry Reed, Education Development Center

“It’s a story of communal healing the likes of which could soften the heart of even the most jaded cynics...[captured] with all the respect and dignity it deserves."


- Nathanael Hood, The Young Folks

“We’re not showing any other films at the same time. We want everyone to come see Scattering CJ.”


- Peter Scheibner, Emerge Film Festival

"This is the power of our platform...and the power of the people who are using our platform." 


- Antigone Davis, Facebook Global Head of Safety

“Awareness of issues related to suicide as a mental illness is something that deserves dissemination and special attention, even more so in these days of isolation and uncertainty.  This documentary is a great bridge of connection and a source of hope.  Let's spread the word!”

- Aracelli F.

“"I would love to put this film in all that I do."”


- Annemarie Matulis

Impacted Friends & Family Division Chair

American Association of Suicidology

“Now is a time that we really need to be proactive and investing in public mental health and in suicide prevention. I thank you all for your leadership and creativity in bringing forth this new film.”


- U.S. Representative Jamie Raskin (Maryland)

“Through this community and this film, we can help bring greater awareness…and we can encourage people to seek out available resources... Together we can make sure that another bright soul like CJ is not gone too soon.”

- U.S. Representative Ted Deutch (Florida)

“Scattering CJ demonstrates the power of a simple heartfelt, brave, honest act…this is a wonderfully made, powerful and important film.”


- Dr. Katherine Shear, Columbia University

“I’m struck at how sad and uplifting the film is and how well it promotes the importance of connection, hope, and love.”


- Dr. Victor Chang, Southern Oregon University

“Scattering CJ is an intimate and heart-breaking tale which offers unique lessons about the power of human compassion.”


- Katka Reszke, ReelAbilities: Boston

[Scattering CJ] exemplifies how we can all play a part in bringing people together and joining forces for good… While this story is rooted in tragedy, it is really a story of love, kindness, helping and healing. It is a story for everyone...”

- Bergen County, NJ Department of Health Services

“[Scattering CJ] makes me think about the importance of suicide prevention, research, advocacy and awareness. That talking about suicide in an open and honest way can make it easier to address in all families.”

- Chris Maxwell, American Association of Suicidology

Scattering CJ: An Award-Winning Documentary on Mental Health Awareness (Trailer)

Scattering CJ: An Award-Winning Documentary on Mental Health Awareness (Trailer)

CJ Twomey’s dream was to travel the globe. But on April 14, 2010, after a year of Air Force training, this seemingly happy 20-year-old ended his own life. CJ’s death shattered his family, plunging them into years of grief and guilt. In her darkest hour, his mother Hallie found a moment of inspiration. She made a Facebook page and asked the world if anyone might help her son fulfill his dream by scattering his ashes in places of beauty or special meaning. 21,000 people answered her call. **AWARD WINNER - RICHMOND INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL** **AWARD WINNER - IMPACT DOCS** **AWARD WINNER - ACCOLADE COMPETITION** **AUDIENCE AWARD - DUNEDIN INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL** **OFFICIAL SELECTION - CAMDEN INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL** **OFFICIAL SELECTION - EMERGE FILM FESTIVAL** **OFFICIAL SELECTION - ROCKY MOUNTAIN WOMEN'S FILM FESTIVAL** **OFFICIAL SELECTION - SALEM FILM FESTIVAL** **OFFICIAL SELECTION - ANNAPOLIS FILM FESTIVAL** **OFFICIAL SELECTION - DOCUTAH INTERNATIONAL DOCUENTARY FILM FESTIVAL** **OFFICIAL SELECTION - ALEXANDRIA FILM FESTIVAL** **OFFICIAL SELECTION - REELABILITIES: BOSTON** **OFFICIAL SELECTION - FLICKFAIR ON DEMAND FILM FESTIVAL** **OFFICIAL SELECTION - FEMALE FILMMAKERS FUSE FILM FESTIVAL** For more information visit Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: If you know someone in a crisis and in need of support, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1 (800) 273-8255 Spanish subtitling was made possible with generous support from the Southeast Nassau Guidance Center. To learn about SNG, visit #ScatteringCJFilm #mentalhealth #suicideprevention
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