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Modeling Scattering CJ t-shirts


The soulful, global effort to spread CJ's ashes is a mission of creating community and sharing hope. Our documentary was made in the same positive, change-igniting spirit. We've pushed ourselves to spread a sense of understanding, of community, of solidarity. How? By continuing to boost suicide-prevention efforts even beyond the film itself. 


With a health crisis as stigmatized and secretive as suicide, building awareness — bringing it out into the light of day — becomes a critical first step toward better outcomes. So along with our film and educational outreach initiatives, Spark Media is making available high-visibility reminders: t-shirts, bracelets, stress balls and posters that amplify a unique message of hope.  Accessories that mean more, that bring up what goes unsaid all too often. That can start needed conversations. That can help save lives. 


Your support means a lot. All proceeds will go towards raising awareness about mental illness and suicide prevention.

Scattering CJ t-shirt (black)
Scattering CJ t-shirt (white)
Scattering CJ bracelets
Scattering CJ globe stress ball
Scattering CJ poster
Scattering CJ laptop sticker
Scattering CJ soundtrack cover
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