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The Twomey Family

"John, Hallie and Connor Twomey are a family of three.



They are ¾ of a family due to the devastating suicide of their son and brother CJ at age 20.

CJ’s suicide, a death that came out of the blue like a vicious tsunami, forced them into a life they were not prepared to live.

In the almost decade that has passed since CJ’s suicide, all three Twomeys have both separately and together found the strength to carry on.

Twomey Family. From left to right, Hallie, Connor, John.

John acts as the family rock, shouldering the weight of sadness that at times, threatens their sanity.  He functions as both protector and keeper, displaying a fierce sense of loyalty to his now smaller tribe.  He quietly leads by example and works tirelessly to help establish a new sense of normal.


Connor is the glue that holds the family together. His sense of self despite being thrust into the role of only child, never ceases to wow his parents. Connor CHOOSES to live life and to create new memories as a way to honor the brother he adored.  He maintains that it’s better to be happy than sad and encourages his parents to enjoy every moment they can.


Hallie carries a burden of guilt surrounding CJ’s death which has molded her into a life of advocacy.  She turns to her husband and son for support both emotionally and physically but also knows that helping others, helps her.  Hallie labors through her guilt by talking openly and honestly, as often as possible, to anyone that will listen.  She shares in raw detail about the nightmare CJ’s death has left behind in hopes that his story may help prevent others from following in his footsteps.


Scattering CJ was an idea born out of Hallie’s need to do something more for her son.  Although it was her idea to begin with, it would not have been possible without the full support of both John and Connor.  Over the past 4+ years, all three have opened themselves to this journey and trusted that it was the right decision.  They collectively agree that CJ’s journey on this planet wasn’t over and that his 'larger than life personality' should travel far and wide.  They are all humbled and honored by the response Scattering CJ has received and owe a debt of gratitude to all those who now consider themselves a part of the Scattering CJ community."

- Hallie Twomey, CJ's mother

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