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Andrea Kalin



Andrea Kalin is the creative visionary and founder of Spark Media, a production company dedicated to crafting stories with a strong social conscience. Her films have aired on major networks around the globe, screened theatrically to sold-out audiences, and earned more than 100 industry awards, including a Prime Time Emmy, Golden Globe and WGA nominations. Andrea specializes in bringing to viewers the emotional front line where lives of courage, perseverance and dignity transcend seemingly insurmountable hardships. Scattering CJ is her 12th documentary feature.

“Hallie taught me what resilience looks like — about what it means to summon the courage to get up from the depths of sadness and face each next day. She trusted us to chronicle her family's story during a period of unimaginable loss and great change in their lives, and we never took that trust lightly. 

I hope our film amplifies the voice of a heartbroken mom determined to prevent others from following in her son’s footsteps. May it also reveal a truth that we see more deeply now than before we embarked on this journey: from the deepest loss can emerge the brightest of life.”    -AK

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