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David Lobatto



David Lobatto is a British writer, based in LA, with a background in physical production on such films such as Casino Royale and Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy, rising to the level of production manager. He wrote the BAFTA-nominated single drama Cyberbully, that starred Maisie Williams and aired on Channel 4 in 2015 to rave reviews; it also garnered an RTS nomination, two nominations at the Broadcast Awards and won the Mind Media drama award for raising awareness of mental health issues.

More recently, he has been developing a number of projects, including a series based on the origins of the British SAS with director Michael Mann for Big Talk and ITV Studios; a series based on the history of the East India Company (CBS Studios International); a feature for George Clooney & Grant Heslov’s Smokehouse Pictures for Sony; and true story feature on the world’s first racing team for wounded veterans, Dakar, for BBC Films.

He has also been commissioned to write a sci-fi pilot for HULU, adapting original material by Scott Derrickson (Doctor Strange) and is working with Colin Callender’s Playground Entertainment on adapting a prestigious literary character for the screen. Scattering CJ is his first documentary.

He is repped in the USA by CAA and Kaplan/Perrone and in the UK by Casarotto Ramsay & Associates.

"The process of making this film has only reinforced to me a thousand times over that we are all responsible for our state of mental health as a society. To assert that you will never be affected by mental illness, directly or indirectly, throughout your lifetime is like saying you will never catch a cold or cut your finger. The need to eradicate the stigma surrounding depression and suicide is as pressing as it has ever been. It is through the incredible endeavors of people like Hallie Twomey and the prowess and fortitude of activists like Andrea Kalin that shame can be driven out of the subject and the tools to get help for people in need can be most widely and effectively deployed."​     -DL

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