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Luis G. Portillo


Motion Graphics and Compositor

Luis G. Portillo is an award-winning motion graphics artist and editor based in New Zealand. For over 20 years he’s been collaborating with Spark Media on projects including First Lady of the Revolution, Red Lines, and No Evidence of Disease. Presently, he's a news video content producer for TVNZ’s many news platforms.

“Be it a friend, a co-worker, or an acquaintance, all New Zealanders have been touched by suicide. We go to their funerals, pray for their souls and start to move on. But we rarely stay behind to see what their immediate family goes through after such a devastating event. Being involved with Scattering CJ from the start gave me a glimpse at Hallie and her family’s efforts to shift gears into a new journey that didn’t include CJ but still contained his legacy. I was heartbroken at times and feared that Hallie wouldn’t be able to cope with her shattering loss. But as years went by I saw Hallie emerging as a generous agent of change willing to share her painful but ultimately inspiring story so we as a society can have a better understanding of suicide and its aftermath.”      - LP

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