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Mark Smith


Director of Photography

Mark Smith is a Jersey City based cinematographer/documentarian whose work includes documentary, scripted narrative, sports television and commercials. Working across these varied disciplines has given Mark the keys on how to get the camera in front of and inside the story. The way that stories affect lives, change trajectories and redirect outcomes for people is the oxygen and energy that fuels his career. Away from the camera he is involved in community sustainability projects like Gotham Whale and harbors aspirations for a 2:20 Olympic Triathlon.

"I’m a social media skeptic, I participate in limited ways on a few social media platforms and have fundamental doubts and distrust about the benefits social media offers. Working on this film allowed me to see deeply into a case where social media likely gave Hallie the support and space to work through her grief by drawing strength from the volunteers who scattered CJ."     -MS 

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