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Psych Hub

Psych Hub is an online platform providing free, engaging videos about mental health, substance use, and suicide prevention. Psych Hub aims to be the trusted resource for consumers, family members, healthcare professionals and anyone else seeking best in class content on evidence-based behavioral health and

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substance use disorders. Founded by Patrick J. Kennedy and Marjorie Morrison in 2018, both co-founders have dedicated their careers to being passionate advocates for mental health and substance use.

Psych Hub is reimagining behavioral health and substance use education through intentional and thoughtful design. The video offerings are unlike other educational content you will see in behavioral health. By combining clinical research and the art of storytelling, Psych Hub's videos provide engaging and credible mental health, substance use, and suicide prevention information that is accessible to everyone.

Psych Hub's content is meant to help individuals better understand their health care journey, from identifying symptoms to setting expectations for their provider during treatment. The stories told on the website are brought to life through animated videos to effectively demonstrate the many faces of mental health and substance use disorders.

Mental health disorders can impact anyone. Through meaningful and innovative education, Psych Hub can provide understanding and help each other lead healthier lives.

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