If you know someone in a crisis and in need of support, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (1-800-273-8255)

ScAttEring CJ: A New Documentary About Mental Health Awareness

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The Silhouette Project

(In development)

In the shadow of the Capitol Dome, we will produce a visually arresting exhibit of 130 two-dimensional life-size silhouettes, crafted in aluminum, representing the 130 American lives lost to suicide each day. 12 sculptural chairs will be interspersed amongst the silhouettes, symbolizing the emptiness wrought every 12 minutes in the wake of a suicide and creating a contemplative space for individual and collective reflection.


Profound in form and message, each of the silhouette figures will represent a specific individual. Personal details about the life lost and their families will be displayed on one side of the silhouette while the other side will be painted in the same black to represent the universality of suicide. The 12 empty chairs will invite people to sit and reflect within the installation. The selection process for the silhouettes will be supervised by the American Association of Suicidology and will include outreach to noted advocates, influencers, sports and public figures who have been vocal about their own losses to suicide. Details about each person depicted in The Silhouette Project will exist on Scattering CJ’s Facebook and film website.


Inspired by the work of Linda Lajoie, founder of The Maine Veteran Silhouette Project, this powerful installation will go on display during Mental Health Awareness Month in coordination with the screening of Scattering CJ on Capitol Hill.  Select members of Congress, mental health professionals, and loss survivors will be invited to speak at the opening of the exhibit. After the National Mall exhibition the silhouettes will be available to display across the country to promote greater understanding of the scale and incidence of suicide and to raise awareness to prevent more tragic loss of life.


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