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The Silhouette Project

(In development)

Every year tens of thousands of people are impacted by suicide. Some use their personal experience and try to find a way to heal their grief through advocacy: raising awareness of mental health issues, speaking out for suicide prevention and mobilizing support for loss survivors.

One such loss survivor is Linda Lajoie, founder of The Silhouette Project. Her son, Senior Airman Dustin Hadfield, an Afghanistan veteran took his own life almost two years to the day after he returned from his military service.


Determined to use Dustin’s story to help others, Linda launched The Silhouette Project, designed to visually demonstrate the alarming number of veteran and active duty military taking their own lives. Powerful in form and profound in message, the life-sized silhouette cutouts each feature a photo and a story of a loved one who died by suicide. The silhouettes honor their memories as well as spark conversations about the often-stigmatized subject of suicide.

To increase national awareness, we are expanding on Linda’s exhibition to encompass the startling number of American lives lost to suicide each day… On average, 132 Americans will die by suicide. About one person every 12 minutes.

Help save lives. Join our awareness campaign.


Share the story of your loved one using the form below. Every name submitted will be honored on the Scattering CJ website. Advisors from the American Association of Suicidology and other partner organizations will help guide the pairing of a selection of individual names to the silhouettes, in order to represent how suicide crosses all demographic boundaries.


To take part, please complete this form by May 15th.

The impact of The Silhouette Project will resonate far beyond the nation’s capitol. After its initial installation the exhibit will travel to select cities.

“I want people to experience the numbers, and know the stories behind the numbers, up close and personal.”


- Linda Lajoie, Founder of The Silhouette Project

If you are interested in supporting this project with a tax-deductible donation, please visit our GoFundMe page.


For more information, please contact us:


Thank you for your generous support.

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