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ro*co Sales Agent

Sue Turley is Managing Director of ro*co films productions. Sue is responsible for exploring ro*co's interests in all areas of documentary development, finance, and distribution, with special attention to adapting documentaries into feature films, and doc series. ro*co films productions was founded in 2009, and, under Sue's leadership, together with Managing Director of ro*co films international, Annie Roney, have secured partnerships with OWN: The Oprah Winfrey Network, The OWN Documentary Club,1492 Pictures and most recently, Happy Street Entertainment. As a consultant and independent producer, Sue has contributed to the growth of ro*co films since its inception. She has a strong background in production as Executive Producer, on such award winning films as:  IDFA’s 2015 Opening Night Film, A Family Affair  (streaming on Netflix) and 2017 Cannes Classic,  Becoming Cary Grant, (available on Showtime).  Sue has also served on many granting committees, such as IDA’s Pare Lorentz Award as well as SFFS, narrative and documentary selection committees. 

"From the moment I screened Scattering CJ, I knew I had to be involved with this film.  As a mother, I witnessed such profound grief turn into something really beautiful and rare.  I’m honored and blessed to be part of this team."     -ST

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